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    Student Eligibility Criteria

    Message us in "About" if you are eligible.

    Help underrepresented groups break into tech by running free coding workshops and events.

  • Method

    Fun, supportive and effective.

    Learn through realtime collaborative problem-solving.

    Find a learning buddy or coach anytime anywhere to solve problems together!


    We believe that when we learn together, we learn better. Our model will help you every step of the way, and make sure that you're never learning on your own.

    Centrally organized sessions take place online every Sunday morning and Thursday evening.

  • How It Works


    Set a learning goal

    Through sharing our goals and learning together in realtime, we create a supportive learning community and celebrate each other's successes.


    Pair with a buddy or coach

    Fluid roles between coach and student, you can help someone even if you are just one module ahead! Reciprocity is our key value.


    Join a small live learning circle

    Join a relevant learning circle anytime anywhere!


    Learn with others in realtime

    Discover and join existing online and offline learning communities through Quirkey.

  • Testimonials

    Hear what our learners think about Quirkey!


    Coaching coding

    "Yes! It's great to be connected to people who have all the same problems as I did when getting started with coding. We're all continuously learning. My student was based in Germany - so we'd never have helped each other at a local codebar."


    Learning Ruby

    "The virtual codebar sessions make learning alongside the friendly community coaches super flexible. This is valuable when you are unable to attend a particular session, prefer to work from home, or are not in an active codebar location. On a virtual session you get the opportunity to learn how to troubleshoot problems as a remote worker, and still have the chance to network and build contacts with other learners and professionals - in a personable way even if not actually in person."


    Learning coding

    "I have no suggestions right now other than, whatever you guys are doing, keep doing it! There are so many local only resources, but something like this where people can learn from each other remotely in realtime, this my friends is very important work."


    Learning Python

    "...I have never been brave enough to attend a coding thing like this and am delighted to find out about codebar and its ethos. I very much feel like my coding skills jumped by 6 months of working on my own in [...] from the two hours of paired programming which I got from yesterday. So thank you so much for making this happen."


    Learning to become a Business Intelligence Analyst

    "It was my very first experience in a collaborative learning platform and I loved it! Coming from finance background, coding languages actually sound scary and distant. In the virtual session I found a supportive and friendly community that actually motivates you to go out of your comfort zone and bravely tackle topics that you don't feel comfortable with."

  • About

    Quirkey grew out of Zinc, a London-based company builder to create businesses to solve the world's biggest problems.
    Find out more at zinc.vc

    2 Finsbury Avenue, London, EC2M 2PA